I loved Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight. What I liked even more was all of the DLC. For those unfamiliar (anyone living under a rock for a few years) shovel knight is a nostalgia inducing, retro platformer. The DLC adds characters with different platforming abilities.  I love each character’s various abilities and was almost disappointed that I could only play as one character at the same time.


That’s when I realized there are so many platforming games with uncountable different interesting platforming abilities. Imagine a game with all the cool platforming abilities: double jumps, wall jumps, wall runs, grappling hook and potentially even more. Now that game would be a nightmare to get into, right out of the gate you would have to master dozens of techniques. But you could space out the abilities, you would start with only the ability to move left and right and slowly gain everything else.  A metroidvania is an open world game where you find abilities that help you access more areas that have more new abilities, that’s what this game would need. But most metroidvanias are about shooting, or fighting, or puzzle solving, with lots of empty space to explore. This game would boil it down to it’s essentials, just platforming. No empty space, levels dense with challenge, no shooting or punching, just jumping and finding secrets. Oh yeah I also love secrets, and this game will (hopefully) be chock full of them.

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